A great team is our best resource.

When you decide to carry out an IT project it’s essential to have a good team. A good idea is worthless if it isn’t well implemented!

It’s essential to shape the team correctly to make YOUR idea succeed. Whether you have an startup or you are part of a small/large company, having a good software development team will make the difference!

For that purpose it is required a variety of profiles involved in the process: computer system engineers, project leaders, specialized programmers, graphical designers, QA testers and support.

Mauro David Gesuitti
Computer Systems Engineer | UX Specialist
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Gaspar Cazeaux
General Manager
Computer Systems Engineer | IT Specialist
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Diego Anguiano
Technical Leader
Bachelor of Computer Science | Sr. Developer
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Rafael Carruthers
Business Developer

Help you to find the right product

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Agustín Koll
Computer Systems Engineer | .NET
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Juan Ignacio Cangelosi
Angular 4 - TypeScript/NodeJs/Electron
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Brenda Dilschneider
Bachelor of Computer Science | TypeScript
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Sebastián Larrieu
Angular 4 - TypeScript/NodeJs/Electron
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Daiana Boruta

Scrum - Jira - Trello - PM

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