Who are the best software engineers?

Software engineers begin their careers with a solid academic preparation, since specific knowledge is required to create large scale and complex customized application software. Without a doubt, this is not enough. The ability to solve problems is essential for this kind of profession, and it is complemented by the experience gained in projects. So learning is a continuous process in software engineering where combining previous knowledge with innovation may result in a successful computer software development.

Throughout history, there have been software engineers who set a precedent in computer and software engineering. Some of them were Dennis Ritchie (C & Unix), Michael Widenius (MySQL),  Linus Torvalds (Linux), Anders Hejlsberg (C# y TypeScript), Thomas Knoll (Adobe Photoshop).

When do I need a certified software development professional?

There are those who consider certifications or academic accreditation are not necessary in the search for talents, but without any doubt, if the software development professional is talented, being certified is guarantee of their knowledge.

The need for a certified software development professional also depends on the scale of the project. In software development, the more functionalities are added to a system, the greater its complexity. This is the reason why more knowledgeable development professionals are required to develop larger software. The best software engineers must have the ability to think beyond the functional requirements and about issues such as scalability and permeability, software development costs, maintenance costs, external software, connectivity, and more.

Is full stack software development a good way to make great software?

Software developers known as full stack have the ability to do custom software programming  from end to end, that is, they have knowledge of the whole process, from database to the screens that the final user sees.

These programmers can also develop smaller projects; however, there are others that must be divided into tasks and require more specialized software and applications programmers.

Finally, a senior software engineer or software architect, should have a general understanding of the entire development stack. This is because they have to make important decisions during the life of the product which require them to have knowledge of all the software parts.

Is the modern software development better than old school practices?

Modern software development involves a number of nonexistent tools in legacy software. Modern software often has more development layers to cope with complexity and to enable growth.

In the past, a single programmer could develop a complete software project on their own. This was before the Internet Era and The Cloud, the interconnections between software and continuous change. The old isolated commercial off-the-shelf software (canned software) didn’t use to change much and required very little maintenance. It also used to work isolated from the rest of the world, and its complexity was low.

Today, software design in software engineering is focused on software platforms thought to work for many users, be easily modified, and let different developers work on them: those who created them are not necessary the same as those who later maintain them.

Current software development includes an API (application programming interface) that contains the business logic and delivers the data to the web and mobile applications.

In a development framework, everything is encapsulated. The programming and software development style is shared by everyone, and certain issues common to all software are already available.

Some frameworks examples are .NET Core (backend), Angular (frontend), and Bootstrap (UI).

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