How can I hire a dedicated development team?

Many companies and entrepreneurs wish to hire a software development team for their software development projects, but they are at a disadvantage as they have no knowledge of the contractor’s work performance, development quality, and above all, their commitment.

Before hiring a dedicated development team, some precautions should be taken:

  • Requesting references in the contractor’s country
  • Requesting references in the country where the hiring company is based
  • Requesting a portfolio with previous developments
  • Asking an expert to carry out a technical interview with the contractor’s team
  • Validating the studies and certifications of the contractor’s team

But the most important advice for companies and entrepreneurs when facing a software application development is to split the project in modules. This first project should be short, no longer than a month if possible, to get to know the supplier.

Can the incremental software development model help me?

The iterative and incremental development model, also known as agile software development methodology, helps the product to grow while strengthening the customer-supplier relationship as its main objective.

Furthermore, under this agile software development project management, better quality solutions are obtained and, on average, 40% of the total cost can be saved. Mainly, because implementation is limited to what is actually needed.

Is the software development business a good idea for my company?

If you don’t have experience in this area, the answer would be NO. Otherwise, you could create an appropriate software department, as long as this does not change the company’s purpose.

A possible alternative is to put a software outsourcing company in charge and delegate to them the creation of custom software development solutions to be able to focus only on the company’s main business.

After having developed their project, many companies wish to sell it, considering that similar business can take advantage of the solution since they have the same needs. Nowadays, frequent updates are necessary to sell a software product. In other words, a continuous development process is required.

What advantages has in house software development?

In order to obtain advantages from developing software internally, it is recommended to:

  • Have a recruiting area that knows the roles required for software development.
  • Have technical and project leaders, with proven experience.
  • Hire and create a dedicated development team of programmers, analysts, designers, devops and QA testers to implement the projects.
  • Invest in infrastructure, offices, servers, computers, networks and more.

If you manage to set up a complete development department within the company, you can quickly implement ideas, easily transmit the organizational culture, and encourage the team to commit to the company’s projects.

Without a doubt, the investment is considerable. These costs can be significantly reduced by outsourcing software development services.

The decision will be determined by the company’s mission: do you want to become a software development company, or do you want to focus on your initial goals?

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