What can I expect from a software development consulting company?

Software development consulting companies, or simply technology consultants, consist  of a highly experienced industry experts group who can help to find software solutions or improvements to your company’s processes. 

These consultants may have a software development team available to implement any of the found solutions as well as specialists in different technologies (please check https://neocomplexx.com/en/services/software-consulting/).

If your company does not have a software department or experts with the necessary time to review all the possible improvements that can be made, it may be time to hire an external consultant.
Consulting companies can also recommend existing solutions on the market to quickly implement at less cost, or help you find the right company you need to develop your ideas.

Is consulting a good way to get programming and software development?

The short answer is YES. Consultants can help you in the initial surveying and building process of the necessary documentation to request quotes. They can also help you to evaluate, select and interact with software contractors.

Additionally, if the consulting company provides programming and software development, the same contractor will send you an implementation proposal.

Can the consultant give me a custom software development pricing?

It is important to first understand that closed software development budgets are currently discarded because they have shown over the years that they end up costing up to 40% more, and most of these projects fail before implementation (https://youtu.be/9bJW_bASgkw).

Consultants can calculate the magnitude of the necessary investment so that you know if your company is in position to make it. If the answer is yes, the consultant can arrive to more exact numbers as it progresses with the internal survey of its processes and needs.

Is consulting the first step to hire professional software development?

It is not mandatory, but it is recommended. Many companies that do not know about software development processes tend to make mistakes when choosing their next contractor, formulate their requirements and the request for information (RFI) or request for quotation (RFQ), do not take into account details that may be problems in the future or they do not know the considerations to have about source code, application evolution, and maintenance.

The best way to arrive at a successful digital transformation is to:

  •     Have an internal consultant, or hire an external one.
  •     Formulate a RFQ with the correct level of details.
  •     Contact appropriate contractors.
  •     Choose the right one.
  •     Ask the consultant to check progress throughout the development and implementation process.

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