We suggest the following technologies package:

For legacy systems or other that requires integration, we have additional experience with these technologies:

Choosing the right technologies means developing projects that can be projected over time. It allows us to modify them, and let them grow at the same time our clients’ business progresses.


To guarantee control and safety, the back-end and the database developed by NeoComplexx Group S.A. will be installed on the server indicated by the client. It can be on premise or in the cloud.

Servers’ safety, configuration and use can be carried out by the client, NeoComplexx Group S.A., or a third party chosen by the client.

Continuous Integration

When a back-end is developed, if the server allows it, we will use Jenkins to adminístrate compilation and deployment tasks. This involves running unitary tests, compiling Docker’s images, generating containers, uploading the images to (private) Docker Hub Registry, and executing the uploaded images. These tasks can be carried out in development, staging or productión environment.

Application Interfaces

The back-end developed by NeoComplexx Group S.A. offer all their functionality through an application interface (API RESTful). This allows encapsulating the business logic on the servers and controlling the front-end applications’ access to the information. This communication is encrypted with SSL security certificates. The API’s will let incorporate mobile or desktop apps in the future, connected to the same functionality.