Mobile APPs

We develop native and hybrid mobile applications, therefore we can adjust the development to the available budget and the project expectations.

native and hybrid applications for Android and iOS
Native and hybrid applications development for Android and iOS

A native application is the one developed specifically for a particular mobile operating system. Each of the platforms, Android and iOS, have a different system, so if you want your app to be available on all platforms, several apps have to be created with the language of the operating system selected.

Native App

Native applications are usually more expensive and require more time to develop. As counterparts, there is the advantage of being able to use more efficiently all the features of the device hardware and the latest features of the operating system. The end result is an application with better performance and therefore with greater usability.

  1. iOS apps are developed with Swift. These apps are usually more expensive because there are fewer developers. In addition, the target audience is usually smaller and more demanding.
  2. Android apps are developed with Java. The first development of an app should be considered on this platform. The market share that Android uses, especially in Argentina, is very high.

Hybrid App

Hybrid applications are developed with a common technology for all cellphones and reduce the development cost. Now, because the great technological improvement, the differences between native and hybrid applications are getting smaller.

To get a quick idea of ​​the required investment for a mobile application, we recommend entering here:

Used technologies

  • Java – Android
  • Swift – iOS
  • Angular + Cordova – Android e iOS